What are KPIs and the critical areas to implement them

Every business unit needs to measure its performance so that it can decide on the necessary action depending on the performance. The business owner, therefore, starts to collect data, analyze or report information concerning their enterprises. They can do this by looking at their strategies, processes or parameters to check whether their outputs coincide with their intentions or goals. Through Message Metric Call Tracking, they can evaluate how their management and the quality they give to their clients and other related stakeholders. If you are looking for a way to measure your performance in business you can do this through KPIs.

An imaginative term

You may be asking what kpis are and how they can be applied in measuring business performance. KPIs stand for Key Performance Indicators. It is really an imaginative term for business scorecards, metrics, or business dashboards. Key Performance Indicators have been underappreciated and overlooked by many entrepreneurs in their efforts to measure their business performances.

To know the real truth

MMTEST1You need to know the real truth about these performances indicators before you make up your mind as to whether you can use them for your business and eventually be successful. Take a moment and try to imagine how people succeed in various activities or even games. For example, imagine you were joining a basketball club as a professional player, and the game has no record of scores. You may withdraw your intention almost immediately because there is no point of taking part in a game where you do not know who won, who lost, or what the results were. This is applicable to business too.

Just imagine a business that never monitors cash flows, sales or even marketing outcomes. The disgusting answer is that many companies operate like that and many business people mange their companies in such a manner leading to almost 95 percent failure in business.


The only way to avoid disappointments and failure in business is just measuring every aspect you can. You may think that this is not a good starting point, but whichever week you take it, measuring is all you need to do to succeed in business. Measure every area of your business using the corresponding KPIs correctly and right from the start so that you can have a clear glance of your efforts and efficiency of your operations.

Sales is a key area in your business that you need to measure. You should know the number of customers that you talk to every day, how many of them purchase your products and the average value of each purchase.


Always monitor the market leads to your company and the origin of each and every lead. Also record the number of leads that come your way every month, the cost of each lead, the most valuable lead, the leads you are about to loose, leads with ideal customers, and time wasting leads.


Monitor your online visitors per month (this you can get through free analytic software on your choice search engine), your coupon subscribers, calls generated from your website, sources of traffic, and sales generated by your website. These are the critical areas in your business in which you should start implementing KPIs.


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